Getting Started

7. Find Curriculums and Resources

Once you have decided which method you will use (to start with), you will need to look for resources.

If you are doing pure unschooling, you will probably want things like educational toys, books, maybe some science kits, etc. to create a stimulating environment.

If you are not doing pure unschooling, you will also need curriculums. You can use packaged curriculums, or make your own curriculums. Note that some jurisdictions require you to use their specific curriculums, in which case you won't need to look for as much, but you will probably want to add resources to those curriculums anyway.

For more information on deciding whether to use prepackaged or home-made curriculums, see our main article on "Curriculums" and, also see our "Finding Prepackaged Curriculums and Resources article."

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