Home School Curriculums

Finding Prepackaged Curriculums and Resources

Here are some ways to find prepackaged home school curriculums and resources:

  • Ask Other Home Schoolers
    Ask other home schoolers. Make sure you also ask them what they liked and disliked about any curriculums they recommend (this can save you a lot of time and get you better resources for your children).

  • E-mail Discussion Groups
    An e-mail discussion group on home schooling is a great place to contact other home schoolers to find curriculums, and ask about home school curriculums. You can also ask about other resources you are looking for, and they will tell you about lots of resources on the Internet (and many are free).

    A great place to find an e-mail discussion group on home schooling, is Yahoo Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com) (and these are free).

  • Search the Internet
    Search the Internet, for home school curriculums and for specific subjects. Also search for home school stores (many of them do mail order).

  • Home School Stores
    Ask other home schoolers, or check the phone book, to find out if there are any home school stores, or teachers stores in your area.

  • Science Stores
    Also look for science stores, in your area and on the Internet. Sometimes there are speciality stores, like lapidary supply stores (for rocks, fossils, minerals, etc. stuff), that will be good for a special interest your child has.

Note: At this time, we don't have a curriculum list on our site, but we hope to add a list of curriculums in the future. However, even then, you should still do your own search, because there are so many curriculums out there, that all the curriculums will probably never be on one list.


For more information on choosing curriculums, get this excellent book, "100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child's Learning Style (Paperback) by Cathy Duffy." It covers many major home school curriculums, and has many excellent suggestions to help you choose what is best for your child.

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