Home School Defense

It is unfortunate, but there are some people who are fanatically against home schooling. If these people are your relatives, neighbors, or others who are close to you, it is important to respect them, but be careful.

If these people are harassing you, your spouse, or your children about home schooling, you should check out the Home School Legal Defense Association. They have lots of useful general information for home schoolers, and they also work to protect our legal right to home school, and may be able to provide you with valuable help.

Social Defense

Some times, people (who may be well intentioned), will question your decision to home school. Sooner or later, you will probably get the "social question." Here is some research to help you.

Research studies also show that home schooled children are better at relating with others.

Studies show most home school students have fewer "problem behaviours," when in mixed groups (of home schooled children and non-home schooled children), and home schooled children are much more likely to be better developed socially, more capable of functioning in the real adult world, and less affected by negative peer pressure.

This article discusses some of the research and has references:

This article summarizes a large study on grown up home schoolers and how they are doing:

This Fraser Institute has some excellent research from a Canadian perspective:

For more general information on the social question, you may want to see our article on "The Social Benefits of Home Schooling."

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