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Look After Yourself

Home schooling is lots of work, and we spend enormous amounts of time around our children. But to do the best job of looking after them, we need to look after ourselves, too.

We need some breaks, and we need time to interact with other adults.

One great way to do this, is to connect up with other home schooling families, especially at home school groups. Your children can do things with the other children, while you spend some time with the other parents.

Most home schooling parents are quite friendly (we like sharing things or we wouldn't enjoy teaching our children, but we also love learning and have lots to learn as we home school our children, so we want to know others and hear what they have to say - it makes for great socializing).

Some times home school groups also have coffee nights, where the parents can get together while their spouse is home to look after the children.

Also, make sure you have some quality time with your spouse, at least every week. Some home schoolers schedule one night per week, where they have someone else look after their children, and they go to a restaurant or coffee shop for a "meeting," where they can talk about their children and any other issues in their lives. If you have lots of children, this is especially important. (Also, notice that this is in addition to those special "romantic" evenings parents need once in a while.)

So take good care of yourself. You deserve it and so do your children!

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