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Making Your Own Curriculums

Instead of buying a pre-packaged curriculum, you can put your own curriculum together from books and materials you have around your house, or that you buy, or get from the library.

Especially for preschool children, a lot of parents feel more comfortable doing this, with the idea that if they screw it up, it´s only preschool. But don´t worry, you won´t screw it up. You will probably learn a great deal and have a lot of fun with your child. We did this when our son was 5 years old.

And, especially in the lower grades, you will probably want to make up some of your own curriculums, to suit your child's interests. This works very well in some subjects like history/social studies, science, physical education, etc. and it can even work well in subjects like reading, by choosing more books that they are interested in.

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