Teaching Tips - General

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What is Teaching?

Teaching is communicating knowledge and/or skills to someone (the student) who knows less than the person doing the teaching, and doing it faster than if the student were learning it on their own.

These "teaching tips" assume that you are "teaching" your child (even pure unschoolers "teach" when their children want them to).

Be Careful

When using any of our teaching tips, be careful. Each tip may not work for all ages, and even if a tip works for most children of all ages, that tip may not work well for you and your child. Test each teaching tip carefully, to make sure that you understand it, and that it works for your child, and accomplishes your goals.

We have included all these teaching tips, so that you will have the biggest selection of "tools" to choose from, so that you can do an even more excellent job of providing the greatest education for your child.


Also, if you don't have written educational goals, you will probably also benefit from our article: Set Your Educational Goals.

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